Friday, December 12, 2014

Tupperware for English Bulldog Rescue / Big Sale starts 12/13/2014

Tupperware Senior Bulldog Rescue

It's a pleasure to offer these Amazing products to my supporters. My Husband and I run a Pet Sanctuary for senior animals on a little mini-farm in South Carolina. One of the ways we support our Non Profit Sanctuary is with Direct selling. I have now added Tupperware to my offerings as a way to support our Vision -
order here 

Our Rescue is called Peaceful Surroundings Pet Sanctuary , check us out at  

order here 

Choose our party - Pet Sanctuary / Marie Peppers  - orders will be shipped to your door ; 

Questions ? let me know , my e-mail is 

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  1. ( YEP PUPPERware ) - Choose pink party tab at the bottom of the page- I always have a fundraiser going for pet rescue - help us help them with your Tupperware purchases