Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tupperware sale , Bulldog Rescue will benefit from your orders

BIG SUPER Sale on Bulldog Tupperware !!!! WELL, Senior Bulldog Rescue/ Sanctuary will benefit from your order -- 
Yes, Marie Peppers sells Tupperware now~~ Orders Delivered to your door - 
Buy now and help the Sanctuary pets- Check out the Modular Mates Sale ( up to 40% Off )

up to 40 % OFF  on Organizing with Modular mates by Tupperware

I KNOW you want to get organized and help Pet rescue ;

Shop my Tupperware store today

Just enter a party ( Virtual party on your computer )

OUR open party Sale  Pet Sanctuary , shop here

Try a Great Dog Treat recipe and place in your Tupperware

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